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this song is about me

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Have A Nice Life - Dan and Tim, Reunited by Fate 

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This song from Bloomy’s Nice Try has been on the heaviest of rotations inside my head since putting it on earlier today, so it’s about time I put it here, I guess. Pretty much perfect shambolic, emotive melodic popness. It’s from their 2013 debut (?) mini-album/EP Convinced and you can get it here for the low low price of free (or maybe throw them a dollar or two).

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WiFi Beach - Johnny Foreigner


BASS DOG. (Kelly from Johnny Foreigner)


BASS DOG. (Kelly from Johnny Foreigner)

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if there’s a cool spot in hell
i hope you get it
if there’s a cool spot in hell
i know you’ll get it

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Inevitably all my molecules dissolved and then my problems were all resolved.
I spent a lifetime deciding which way I should go and now that I’m gone I finally know:

I know that I have always been exactly what I’m supposed to be, nothing more or less than Grandpas answer to mortality.

Nervous outside of a bar, I focus on a single star until it disappears.
Reaching for the comfort of just how small things are.

Imagination thinks of itself as Reality, but it just imagines itself to be.
The greatest use I ever found for mine is traveling time by turning myself into the Sea. (of Infinity)

Staring at my hands and picturing them decomposing,
feeling my existence as a ripple on an endless ocean,
not even a drop,
I will take no substance with me when I’m gone.
Because my body is the same as the Sea,
and this consciousness I think of as “Me” is nothing more than
the imagined separation between things.

Dying while you’re still alive,
suddenly you’ve opened your eyes,
it’s only when you realize that you’re going Nowhere that you finally arrive.

I have seen my own death and it made me breathe easy.
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Paul Baribeau - Brown Brown Brown

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Meneguar - Freshman Thoughts

(Live at Rear House)

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check me out.

check me out.

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Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party, Gives Awesome Speech - Video


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